You are interviewing to be a Senior Accountant with Smile Doctors

  • Remember that most everything is negotiable.
  • Offer solutions to differences.
  • Assume you have at least the minimum qualifications (you can make up more).

Compensation and benefits

  • tells you that the average salary for a Senior Accountant in this type of role is $69,000.
  • You currently make a salary of $65,000 in your current role as Senior Accountant for another healthcare company. You would like at least a 10% increase ($71,500).
  • You currently receive two weeks of vacation annually and three personal days. You have 15 sick days saved up.
  • Your current company does NOT offer a pension plan (you have been concerned about saving for your retirement).
  • Your current employer offers you a very generous and comprehensive healthcare plan. It costs you about $100/month for individual coverage.
  • You heard that family members receive a discount on braces and Invisalign. You have twins who both will need braces in the coming years.
  • The company is based in Georgetown, TX (with 200 locations in 20 states) but the job is 100% remote.