An International Focus on Jobs, Careers and Our LinkedIn Tip of the Month – April 2017

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Hello Everyone.This issue, I’d like to take an international view on jobs and career management, so I’ve shared some of the global posts I’ve read lately. Learning about other cultures has always interested me, and I love when that interest collides with my profession.


As we move into April, I have to be honest, I was having some trouble getting rolling this year with my goal setting and planning. I had the setting part in my mind for a while, but only recently got the inspiration to plan it all out in time frames to keep myself more accountable. I also finalized my three words / themes / intentions for the year of 2017: women, declutter and book writing. Regarding my first theme, thanks for those of you sharing ideas about women’s groups. I really appreciate the support!

Best wishes with mapping out and executing your career goals for 2017!


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Did you know that you can create your LinkedIn profile in other languages? This could be a great idea if you (or your audience) speak more than one language. To get started, click View profile and then select Add profile in another language from the top right hand corner. Once the pop-up box displays, select the language to add and start entering your name and headline (this is the minimal data required to get started). Later on, you must create all content in the other language (LinkedIn will not translate content for you).

A few more useful facts about this feature:

  • These “alternate” profiles are NOT new accounts. They are connected to your current profile and are accessed with the same login and password.
  • LinkedIn offers 44 language choices, but you must choose only one as the default language.
  • If you want to add new sections, you must first add them to your default profile and then go into the second language profile to translate the content.
  • If someone’s default profile is in English and they view your profile (which is in two languages), they will see your profile in English since that is the default language of the viewer’s profile.
  • Once you create another profile in another language, you will have the option to change the language displayed, using a button to toggle between the languages / profiles in the top right corner of your profile.

The posts below offer an international perspective to workforce trends and career management.


In the Harvard Business Review (HBR), Dorie Clark teams up with Andy Molinsky to share useful advice on branding for professionals who did not grow up in the United States:


In honor of Women’s International Day, LinkedIn’s official blog shared insights “from their lens” on strides for women in workplace leadership by countries, industries and jobs.


A very well done infographic from, shares insights on countries with the happiest employees.


Though this post focuses on the most promising jobs in Canada (according to LinkedIn’s data), towards the end, LinkedIn offers four tips and a few LinkedIn-related resources for professionals anywhere in the world.


This post provides some statistics on the Japanese labor force. Spoiler alert: changing jobs is on the rise.


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