As we continue to live in a world with many uncertainties

Brand Career Management Newsletter December 2022

Hello Everyone, 

As we continue to live in a world with many uncertainties, I hope 2022 was a better year for you. Coming to the end of another year, I can share that I fulfilled my three-word mantra for 2022 to “Love, Travel & Publish.” The past year I have enjoyed living “the van life” and working as a nomadic career coach (if you want to hear about those travels, click here).  This past year I’ve met virtually with clients based in many US states, along with those seeking to relocate from other countries.

My biggest accomplishment in 2022 was publishing my first book, The Purple Parachute: A Woman’s Guide to Navigating the Winds of Career Change. Thanks to everyone who has already purchased a copy. Please consider buying a copy as a gift for someone in your life who is at a career crossroads.

The Purple Parachute was released in early November and followed by a series of book launch activities in various locations, including libraries and bookstores, online and in person. Some of those events were dual book events because, as fate would have it, my sister Lisa Battalia released a two-book fiction series in A Midlife Romance at the exact same time. If you are into the romance genre, please check out her smartly written, sexy books at While all the books are written to empower women in midlife, my career book is more related to the boardroom, and my sister’s is more closely tied to the bedroom (nudge nudge wink wink). Here is a link to a press release about our books.

Looking forward to 2023, I will continue to write career-related blogs tied to content from my new book, along with travel blogs, alternating topics monthly. If you’re not already receiving the travel blog, click here to be added to the list. If you are receiving this newsletter, you will automatically receive the career blogs. This newsletter is going on pause while mulling over how to revamp a future version. If you have any input on how the BCM newsletter might serve you better in the future, please let me know.

Also, in 2023 I plan to work with more organizations. Forward-minded outfits understand the value of having the right talent in the right place and assisting their employees with figuring out a career plan. If you know of an organization that needs help assisting their employees in navigating their careers or exiting gracefully, please tell me. If you know of any women-focused organizations that are working to specifically empower their female employees, members, or students, please tell them about my book or share contact information with me.

Happy holidays and the best to you in 2023,


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As we come to the end of 2022, let’s highlight some of the new capabilities and features rolled out this year by LinkedIn. They had a very busy year creating changes that were complex (Creator mode) and straightforward (Ukrainian was added as a language). There are too many to mention here so I’ll point out the most significant IMHO and break them down.

The most jarring change is this. Now, when you want to repost, you must choose between Repost or Share. When you share, you will need to write a comment to preface the repost. Whereas, when you repost, you don’t get that option. Louise Brogan created a blog with a short video on the difference.


PEOPLE – Below are random changes that mainly affect individuals:

New mobile features – You can utilize templates to create a post and you can see the data on emotive reactions to your post.

Profile video – You can create a video that runs when someone clicks on your profile picture. If you see a blue ring around the person’s profile picture, it means they have created a video. If you want to see an example, go to this profile of Kevin D. Turner.

Career break – This is a new category that you can utilize to account for a break of employment in your Experience section. I learned about it after I wrote the LinkedIn Tip in my last newsletter on “Managing a planned break from the workforce on your profile.”

Settings and Privacy – Once again, LinkedIn has changed the look and feel of this section. I always encourage people to peruse some of the options available. You would be surprised to know what is in your control. The two privacy settings I am most asked about are 1) What do people see when I look at their profile? and 2) How do I control if my network is notified when I make changes to my profile?  Both options are now within the Visibility tab under the Settings menu.

Skills – There are three new capabilities with Skills. First, you’ll notice that you can now add skills to each entry in the Experience section, along with those in the overall Skills section. Personally, I think this is overkill and would suggest adding skills to the general Skills section only. It is possible that the more times you add a certain skill in the various sections, the higher you will come up in a search for that word. However, until there is evidence that this is worth it, I would avoid the potential repetition on your profile.

Second, you may notice a new button titled “Demonstrate Skills” at the top of the Skills section. It is only in beta testing, so you may not see it. If you click on it, you can select an area of expertise and then record your answers to industry specific questions (written or audio).

Third, LinkedIn has created the Future of Skills. This new feature allows you to search for the change in demand for skills over time by title, industry, or country. Check it out here.



Creator Mode became available (to some) in 2022 and has many facets and implications. As the title indicates, it’s for people who create lots of content. If this is you, find out more here. You are “invited” to try it once you see the button on your profile. LinkedIn also created a Podcast Network that is a collection of content from Creators and in-house.

Communications – You can create a LinkedIn newsletter and add it to your Featured section. This makes it easy for others to subscribe and share it.  Also, as you write a LinkedIn article on desktop, the system will save your work. You can later go back to Saved Drafts to finish. It’s great to finally have this capability.


COMPANIES – LinkedIn Business pages (now just called Pages) were significantly redesigned. Administrators gained new features, including the ability to manage Pages from mobile. Also, there is more potential interaction and engagement between a company and their employees through Pages. I created a Page for Brand Career Management. Please check it out and follow it.

This year, the pioneering book on LinkedIn Pages was released by Michelle J. Raymond and Lynnaire Johnston titled Business Gold: Build Awareness, Authority and Advantage with LinkedIn Company Pages. If you are an Administrator of a Page, especially for a large company, you need this book!


EVENTS – There have been many changes to the Events platform for administrators and attendees. The most notable is the auto caption feature for video and audio events.

For more information on changes to LinkedIn, follow these fellow LinkedIn geeks below:

Lynnaire Johnston from New Zealand has written two books on LinkedIn and holds regular LinkedIn Live events.

Kevin D. Turner shares and explains LinkedIn updates on a regular basis. For 2022, he wrote this post compiling all the changes in reverse chronological order.

Mark Williams, aka Mr. LinkedIn, provides an excellent podcast titled LinkedInformed.


Below you will find some of my favorite books focused on women in the workplace. Some are light, and some are serious, but all are worth a read.

Women Don’t Ask: The High Cost of Avoiding Negotiation and Strategies for Change by Linda Babcock and Sara Laschever – This book has been around a long time, but the authors have kept it up to date. It’s a must-read for any working woman. Often women don’t try to negotiate their salaries, and this issue compounds over time. The most important takeaway is to start negotiating now.

What’s Mom Still Got to Do with It? Breathe New Life into Your Career by Understanding Your Mother-Daughter Relationship by Ilana Tolpin Levitt – This unique content was written by a seasoned career counselor and therapist.  She explores the relationships between mothers and daughters and how it can affect their careers.  It’s super interesting!

How To Be Successful without Hurting Men’s Feelings: Non-Threatening Strategies for Women by Sarah Cooper – This thick but small book is a quick read that will make you laugh out loud while also offering practical advice on how to navigate the workplace as a female leader.  It is creative and refreshing.

Feminist Fight Club: A Survival Manual for a Sexist Workplace by Jessica Bennett –  If you like the previous book, this one is similar but meatier. It will make you laugh and cringe at the same time. It speaks truths that are not always transparent.  Most importantly, this book offers concrete and useful advice about touchy topics like the “office mom” role and mansplaining.

Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg – Though this book is almost 10 years old and has received some criticism, I found it useful. The advice shared is based on personal experience, so it may not apply to everyone who reads it, but I still think it offers a truthful perspective of how challenging it can be for women to navigate the world of work.

And, of course, I would be remiss not to mention my own book. The Purple Parachute: A Woman’s Guide to Navigating the Winds of Career Change walks you through a step-by-step process to learn about yourself and move you through career transitions successfully.  It also introduces the A.S.T.E.R. Career Model which I created to demystify the career development process.


Gift cards are available from Brand Career Management for help with Job Search Strategy, LinkedIn Profile Review, Resume Review, or a Career Check-In. Click here to find out more.

Books make great gifts for the holidays and the new year. Consider buying a copy of The Purple Parachute: A Woman’s Guide to Navigating the Winds of Career Change for someone who needs it.

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