9 Truths & Myths About Networking in Times Like These

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Many people are struggling with networking right now. Specifically, extroverts who thrive on in-person interaction may have a harder time adjusting to online interactions. Introverts may find it easier because they are often adept at holding a one-to-one conversation and listening intently, two key skills that help with virtual networking. Regardless of your personality, you can employ the tips below … Read More

Update Your Résumé Month and BCM’s YouTube channel update

Brand Career Management Newsletter – September 2020 Hello Everyone,    Many things in the world have changed but one thing you can count on is that September is still Update Your Résumé Month. Even though many people claim that the résumé is dead, I believe it will always be a handy, and sometimes necessary, tool in your career management box. After … Read More

Happy Mother’s Day and Coping with Coronavirus

Brand Career Management Newsletter – May 2020 Hello Everyone, So much has happened since our last newsletter and we have all been affected by Coronavirus in some way. I hope that you are healthy and safe as you read this. We wish you and your families the best during these tough times. Just so you know, Brand Career Management is … Read More

Salary negotiations and tips for women

Brand Career Management Newsletter – March 2020 Hello Everyone, I hope January provided a great start to your new year! In honor of two significant and upcoming women-focused anniversaries, this March issue is devoted to salary negotiation with specific tips to empower women with this challenging task. The articles shared tie to this theme and the LinkedIn Tip of the … Read More

What’s Mom Still Got To Do With It?: Breathe New Life Into Your Career By Understanding Your Mother-Daughter Relationship by Ilana Tolpin Levitt

Are you unhappy at work? Do you wonder why you didn’t get that promotion? Feeling uncertain about your career choices in general? Your relationship with your mother might be the last thing on your mind as a major contributing factor to your career woes but it shouldn’t be. Exploring this connection can potentially unlock the mystery to the patterns and … Read More

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