Honoring Women in Sports & Black History Month, and Free Virtual Series on Growing Confidence – February 2018

Brand Career Management Monthly Tip Sheet Hello Everyone,The next few months you’ll notice that each MTS issue will focus on women, and incorporate topics related to official holidays. In February, we have National Girls and Women in Sports Day and Black History Month, so the articles in this issue will share achievements of women trailblazers and the stories of African … Read More

Time Management Tips for the Holidays and Beyond, and MTS Survey Results – December 2017

Brand Career Management Monthly Tip Sheet Hello Everyone,December is a busy month for a majority of people and I’m sure lots of us are thinking “next year I’ll get a better handle on my schedule.” So, this issue is devoted to time management advice to help maintain productivity through the holiday season and into next year.   As promised, I’d … Read More

Honoring National Career Development Month, and LinkedIn Salary Feature – November 2017

Brand Career Management Monthly Tip Sheet Hello Everyone,November is National Career Development (NCD) Month in the US. In line with that, this issue is devoted to career development / management related content.   Also, in honor of NCD month, Brand Career Management is offering 20% off of all career services delivered by November 31, to any individual client who mentions … Read More

Entrepreneurship, and BCM’s 1st Annual Reader Survey – October 2017

Brand Career Management Monthly Tip Sheet Hello Everyone.This issue is devoted to entrepreneurship so the articles, resources and LinkedIn Tip of the Month will all reflect that theme.   As an entrepreneur myself, I have learned that you need to know your audience and listen to their feedback, so I’d like to get yours. September marked the one-year anniversary of … Read More

Time to Update Your Resume, and Searching Connections on LinkedIn – September 2017

Brand Career Management Monthly Tip Sheet Hello Everyone,September is Update Your Résumé Month, so I encourage you to take a look at yours to see what has changed since the last time you reviewed it. It’s a great idea to take a peek at your résumé every so often, even if you don’t have an urgent need for it to … Read More

This summer get your LinkedIn on, and Creating Your Career Clarity -August 2017

Brand Career Management Monthly Tip Sheet Hello Everyone.I hope your summer is going well and that you have taken some time to relax, be outside and enjoy the sunshine. To help you continue to do more of those fun things, I’ll keep this issue short.   In preparation of September being International Update Your Résumé Month, I’d like to get … Read More

Seek Ways to Enhance Your Work / Life Balance; Enhance Your Background / Cover Image on LinkedIn (LI) – July 2017

Brand Career Management Monthly Tip Sheet Hello Everyone.Well, as you can imagine, it’s been a hard month. I want to thank everyone who wrote to me and sent emails and cards, to let me know they were sending comforting thoughts to my family after recently losing my Dad. As I’ve said before, I am grateful for having had my Dad … Read More

Happy Father’s Day, Fatherhood and Careers; and Get More Recommendations on Your LinkedIn Profile – June 2017

Brand Career Management Monthly Tip Sheet Hello Everyone.Happy Father’s Day to all of the fatherly folks reading this! In keeping with this theme, the links shared in the articles below focus on fatherhood and careers. In this issue, I’d also like to honor two very important father figures – Dick Bolles (often called the grandfather of career counseling) and my … Read More

Happy Mother’s Day, Motherhood and Careers – May 2017

Brand Career Management Monthly Tip Sheet Hello Everyone.May brings colorful flowers and a very special holiday. Happy Mother’s Day to every mother figure reading this! I am lucky enough to be spending May 14th with my Mom and I’d like to briefly share her story because she is such an amazing woman. After getting married at the age of 18, … Read More

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