Goodbye 2021 and Hello 2022 – Sharing changes for BCM

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Welcome to December. Some of us are about the enter the cold of winter while our friends in the southern hemisphere are heading into the warmth of summer. I am thankful to have seen beautiful sighting of leaves changing color this fall on the east coast of the US. I hope wherever you are, you are seeing beauty in nature. … Read More

5 Ways to Share Your Personal Brand on LinkedIn

November 2021 There are many ways to express your brand on your LinkedIn profile. Two important factors are the images and words you use to describe yourself. Below are five ideas to build a branded presence on LinkedIn. 1) Display a good headshot – As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words, and this is also true … Read More

Personal Branding and Career Videos

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Brand Career Management Newsletter – November 2021 Hi Everyone,  November is Career Development Month and personal branding is a great career management tool so this issue will be devoted to resources and tips on how to share your brand. This is the last topic from the audience-generated, top twelve subjects we have been covering the past two years. As I … Read More

Résumés Again!

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Brand Career Management Newsletter – September 2021 Hi Everyone,  We are about to enter another change of season. In my area, the warmth is coming to an end, but the pandemic lingers on. As summer winds down, it’s time to send the kids back to school (maybe). Also, take time to give your career some love because this is Update … Read More

The She-cession: How Economic Downturns Disproportionately Affect Women

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Economic difficulty touches millions of lives through job loss, furloughs, and the emotional tolls of uncertainty. While many experience the impact of economic strife, women are often the most adversely affected — particularly women of color. This pattern has become known as the she-cession, and there are a few key reasons for the inequality. In early 2020, part of this … Read More

New LinkedIn Feature(s)

November 2020 I’m excited to say that this past summer, I was invited to a webinar run by LinkedIn staff for career professionals. At this event, they shared resources, data, and new features with a focus on helping job seekers. For this month’s Tip of the Month, I will relay what was shared that day. First off, if you didn’t … Read More

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