5th Anniversary Interview | Becoming an Entrepreneur

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Move Beyond Thinking and Start Taking Action In this 35 minute video, you’ll find answers to burning questions such as “Am I ready to take the leap?” and “How important is social media for starting a business?”  You will also hear lots of other valuable advice on getting your venture started. Check out this handy checklist to get your new … Read More

How to customize your LinkedIn URL

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Editing the assigned URL is a key step in your personal branding and online presence. It’s best to claim your name, if possible. Claiming your LinkedIn URL is like buying a vanity license plate for your vehicle. It allows you to mark something as your own (but it’s free). If you’d like to read the full blog post on how … Read More

May 2020 – LinkedIn is a great way to grow your network

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LinkedIn is a great way to grow your network May 2020 Maybe you have a little more time on your hands these days? Or maybe you’ve been deemed essential and are busier than ever seeking resources for your work? Maybe you are in job search mode? Regardless of your current situation, you may need to seek out certain people right … Read More

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