As we continue to live in a world with many uncertainties

Brand Career Management Newsletter December 2022 Hello Everyone,  As we continue to live in a world with many uncertainties, I hope 2022 was a better year for you. Coming to the end of another year, I can share that I fulfilled my three-word mantra for 2022 to “Love, Travel & Publish.” The past year I have enjoyed living “the van … Read More

The Great Resignation and The Purple Parachute

Brand Career Management Newsletter August 2022 Hello Everyone,  We hope you’re enjoying your summer if you’re in the northern hemisphere. The warm weather might make you wish you didn’t have a job tying you down. Apparently, these feelings are becoming the norm. If you have been following workforce trends, you no doubt have heard and seen much about The Great … Read More

Championing equal pay with salary negotiation resources

Brand Career Management Newsletter – April 2022 Hi Everyone,  This is our first newsletter issue for 2022. As a reminder, our communications schedule has changed. This year, you will receive three career-related newsletters. The next two will be in August and December. I am also writing a monthly travel blog for those who sign up. If you would like to … Read More