ASTER Career Model – The Purple Parachute

6-minute video overview of The Purple Parachute  Women go through many transitions in life and career. This book introduces the A.S.T.E.R. Career Model and will help you understand the natural cycles of careers and how to maximize yourself at each point. If you’d like to purchase a copy you can go to: you can order a paperback, hardcopy, or … Read More

Imposter Syndrome: 3 Simple Steps to Overcome It

A panel of career experts around the globe discussed ways to tackle impostor syndrome! Honor your own abilities for International Women’s Day 2021 by learning how to overcome the feeling that you’re “not good enough,” a challenge common to women in the workforce. I invited six female colleagues to join me in presenting this virtual event for International Women’s Day … Read More

5th Anniversary Interview | Becoming an Entrepreneur

Move Beyond Thinking and Start Taking Action In this 35 minute video, you’ll find answers to burning questions such as “Am I ready to take the leap?” and “How important is social media for starting a business?”  You will also hear lots of other valuable advice on getting your venture started. Check out this handy checklist to get your new … Read More

How to customize your LinkedIn URL

Editing the assigned URL is a key step in your personal branding and online presence. It’s best to claim your name, if possible. Claiming your LinkedIn URL is like buying a vanity license plate for your vehicle. It allows you to mark something as your own (but it’s free). If you’d like to read the full blog post on how … Read More

Career Conversation Series: Mentoring to Build Your Confidence 

Career Conversation #2 Inspired by International Women’s Day on March 8th, 2018 I joined my colleague Ruth Winden from the UK to offer a free series of three virtual career conversations to empower mid-career to executive women.  Below you will find links to the recordings.  

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