Celebrating Moms, Women and Leadership

Brand Career Management Newsletter – May 2021

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Happy Mother’s Day to all, and congratulations to new graduates taking the next step of their career journey!

Our last issue was devoted to women in honor of International Women’s Day (IWD). This month we will continue to recognize women by saluting those who feel like a mother in some way. We will also continue the theme of women in leadership.

In case you’re interested, the IWD event went very well. Thanks to those who attended Imposter Syndrome: 3 Simple Steps to Overcome It. If you missed it and want to watch it, click here.

The process of organizing and executing the event led to a new insight into my own leadership abilities. If you’re curious, you can read about that here.

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You can utilize LinkedIn to showcase and grow your leadership skills. Below are my top five suggestions for doing so.

1) To attract more of the right opportunities, use leadership as a keyword in your Headline, About, and Skills sections. You may also use words such as: supervisor, manager, authority, director, and leader.

2) Reflect volunteer leadership roles in your profile. You can put this information in multiple places. First, if it’s professionally related, you might add it in the Experience section. Second, there is a section called Organizations that allows you to add affiliations to groups. Here you can also mention your level of membership and/or any elected positions you hold or have held. Third, you can add a Volunteering section. The biggest downside to this category is that people can’t write a recommendation for the work you list as a volunteer. For some reason, LinkedIn only allows people to tie recommendations to an entry within the Experience and Education sections.

3) An image is worth a thousand words! Make sure your profile picture is not a selfie.
Fit the part. Dress as an authentic leader. Look confident and approachable.

4) Reach out to other female leaders. Search LinkedIn using specific keywords to find women leading in other geographic locations, advocating for a similar issue, or working in the same industry.

5) If you strongly believe in a cause, add words to your profile that express this to attract people who are aligned to a similar mission. One of my colleagues adds the words Animal Advocate to her social media profile’s, so others know that is a big part of who she is.

I had one more idea, but it’s disappeared. There used to be a way to add an expression of interest to join a board of directors. I know I have seen it before, but they must have taken it away because after searching high and low, I could not find it. If you have seen it lately, please let me know where you found it.


The articles below share information around women and leadership. We share the story of one mother working her way up the corporate ladder, and habits to empower female leaders, along with insights on the glass cliff.

Let’s start off with an uplifting story of a mom who is rocking the corporate world. This detailed article by Joe Brennan of the Irish Times shows how Citibank has provided a great proving ground for Cecelia Ronan, a mother who has risen through the ranks at the financial services company. Since this 2018 article, she was appointed as chief executive of Citibank Europe in February 2020.

Sheryl Palmer, Chairman, and CEO at Taylor Morrison, shares insights on women in leadership and offers suggestions on how to bring more women into that club.

Erin Urban of the Forbes Coaches Council offers three tips and a checklist for habits that will enhance your leadership abilities.

Have you heard of the glass cliff? This article by Meredith Wood, the Founding Editor at Fundera.com, offers a detailed look at this phenomenon and tips to navigate it.

Finally, this recent episode of the Freakonomics podcast focuses on the glass cliff and how activist board members are more likely to target female leaders.


Our training events on April 22nd went well despite losing power for a large chunk of that day. The session on Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile for the Anne Arundel County Association of REALTORS was dropped when my neighborhood suddenly lost power. Thankfully, I was able to create a hot spot and jump back on to finish the session before running out of batteries. The salary negotiation class later that day was virtually delivered by me from a room at the Broadneck Branch of the Anne Arundel County Public Library (AACPL) because their power came back on first. It was an interesting day!

If you weren’t able to attend our International Women’s Day event on Imposter Syndrome3 Simple Ways to Overcome It, you can watch it here.

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