LI Overhauls the Look of your Profile (Part 2)

February 2017

Warning, Changes are Still Underway:  As mentioned in the last issue, LinkedIn is in the midst of rolling out major changes in the design of the home and profile pages. I’ve heard that it will take until May for the entire rollout to be completed; however, your profile could change any day between now and then (mine still hasn’t changed but I’m prepared for it). I found a new post/video by UK LinkedIn Expert Mark Williams, that shares a good work-around to compensate for the loss of the advanced search feature.

Take Precautions:  Don’t forget to give your LinkedIn account some love and protection. If you didn’t do it yet, please back up your LinkedIn contacts before your profile view changes. Once that happens, you will not be able to follow this guidance anymore. Again, take Jim Peacock’s step-by-step advice and back up your LinkedIn data TODAY.

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