Happy Mothers Day

Brand Career Management Monthly Newsletter – May 2019

Hello Everyone,

Happy Mother’s Day to everyone who feels like a mom! I know that my mom has helped my career immensely. Early on, she taught me an important lesson – that it’s never too late to start a professional career (in fact I wrote a post sharing this tip a few years ago).  Thanks Mom! In her honor, this issue will focus on mothers and careers (see curated articles and resources below).

Speaking of women and careers, April 2nd was Equal Pay Day. The following week, I shared an infographic on salary negotiation on my blog. Check out the tips offered and try to put them to use.

Finally, I would like to ask a favor of you. If you have feedback about an experience with me (maybe you’ve attended one of my presentations or I’ve helped with your career?), would you consider writing about the experience as a Google review or testimonial for my website? Here is a link to instructions on how to write a Google review or if you send the words to me, I can add it to my website. Thank you for considering this request and let me know if you have any questions.

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It’s so important to personalize your LinkedIn invitation. Do you do this? If not, you should. Here is a link from the LinkedIn Help Center explaining how to personalize an invitation on the website or using iOS or Android.

If you don’t customize, it is obvious that you sent a generic style invitation which makes it more likely to be ignored (I personally never outright accept an invitation with the generic words, if I don’t know the person). Instead take a few moments to write a brief sentence or two explaining why you would like to connect (you have 300 characters to work with).

You could mention how you heard about her/him or state that you were inspired by her/his words. Here’s an example of a simple invitation “I was exploring LinkedIn and came across your profile. I see we have some common interests and professional associations. Would you like to connect on Linked?” It could be as simple as that.

You are able to add a note to personalize your invitation from the website or on the mobile App. The key in both cases is to execute this form the person’s profile page. Clicking the connect button anywhere else on the platform results in the system immediately sending the generic invitation.


Below are posts sharing viewpoints on motherhood and its intersection with careers, from getting a job while very pregnant to returning to work after raising a family. At the end, I’ve highlighted a few organizations trying to get mothers back to work.

Jen Watts Welsh shares an inspiring story in FastCompany about getting a job while heavily pregnant.


In an article from The Globe and Mail, Darah Hansen suggests that longer maternity leaves perpetuate stereotypes that hurt the careers of mothers.


Award-winning novelist Kaitlin Solimine writes an opinion piece for The Guardian discussing the stigma of bringing children to work and how she overcame it.


Forbes Contributor, John Greathouse interviewed RebootAccel.com Co-Founder Diane Flynn.  They talk about her experiences with motherhood and career, along with the new trend of returnships.


Recently, I’ve noticed a trend of organizations cropping up to help women get back to work and creating new words like returnships and maternityships.  I thought I’d share a few:

  • Rebootaccel.com is situated near Silicon Valley and accordingly focuses on connecting women to local employers mainly in the areas of tech, finance and legal.
  • https://Werk.co was created to match truly flexible jobs to women needing certain schedules.
  • Momproject.com is connecting employers and women returning to work after raising children.

In June, I’ll be presenting on LinkedIn for the Women in International Trade (WIIT) in DC and offering a LinkedIn webinar for the Women’s Center in Vienna, VA. Thanks for those who have helped to increase the number of women I reach!  If you know of other groups that focus on empowering professional women, please share them with me.

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