Seek Ways to Enhance Your Work / Life Balance; Enhance Your Background / Cover Image on LinkedIn (LI) – July 2017

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Hello Everyone.Well, as you can imagine, it’s been a hard month. I want to thank everyone who wrote to me and sent emails and cards, to let me know they were sending comforting thoughts to my family after recently losing my Dad. As I’ve said before, I am grateful for having had my Dad around as long as I did. Luckily, I still have my Mom to guide and support me and I won’t ever take that for granted.


Since my last issue was pretty heavy and it’s now summertime, I’d like to “lighten” things up and focus on the topic of work / life balance in this issue. I know there is an ongoing debate about those words. Many people believe there is no such thing as work / life balance, and various generations would likely give you different definitions for it.

To me, work / life balance is a constant struggle to align your time with your values and goals, but it is critical and necessary work. If you don’t keep your most important values on top of mind and in action, your life will feel unbalanced, regardless of what percentage of time you allot to any specific activity. To have good balance in life, you need to take care of your own well-being first, so don’t forget to be good to yourself. Enjoy the sunshine and warmth of these next few months in the Western Hemisphere.

I wish you a relaxing summer where you take some time to have fun, and test out what makes you balanced and happy (in life and work)!

Warmest regards,

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Enhance Your Background / Cover Image on LinkedIn (LI)
Maybe you have already uploaded a background image? Or maybe you are using the default image provided by LI (think generic blue with random shapes). Either way, this change affects the top of everyone’s profile (the background / cover image is seen at the top of your profile as the backdrop to your profile picture).

To make the image display better on mobile devices, LI just recently changed the dimensions for the background image. This is a new change beyond the major face lift they just finished rolling out. The dimensions are now 1584 x 396 (used to be 1536 x 768). On the website version, the new layout minimizes the overlap of your profile picture, and makes it easier to see most of the full image.

There is a nifty site I learned about from UK LI Expert Mark Williams, that provides templates for LI background images (using the new dimensions). I played around with it a little and it was pretty easy to use, though after working on it for a while, I couldn’t figure out how to save my work (I need to google that!).

It’s best to have a background image that is on brand. A veterinarian business owner might have a picture of the office front or some animals. An IT professional might have an image with zeros and ones. A chef could have pictures of prepared meals.

Or you can upload your own image (a picture or create a montage of pictures, using a tool like Relay or Canva). Until I create something new, my LI background image is currently a picture I took on vacation. It’s not exactly on brand, but it’s a pleasing placeholder and it does send a good vibe. Also, I do weave an explanation for my beach picture into my Summary, so it’s not entirely out of left field.

Now that you know more, try to make your LI profile stand out just a little bit more, and enhance your branding efforts by jazzing up your LI background / cover image. See what you can do!


The posts below deal with work / life balance issues and balancing your time, along with all of the things competing for it.

It can be hard to transition from work tasks to personal tasks throughout the day, but author David Burkus who writes on work / life balance for HBR suggests that it’s not worth trying to diligently separate the entanglement.

Alina Dizik from BBC Capital encourages us to focus on more than just our work identity but also sharing our life persona. The author makes the case why you need to develop a brand that is not solely dependent on your current job.

Travis Bradberry of shares his advice on 10 bad habits to stop right now so you can increase your productivity and improve your mindset.

In a short TED talk (3 minutes), UCSF clinical professor Dean Ornish shares research findings showing how you may benefit from making healthier lifestyle choices.


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For either of these opportunities, write me by Monday, July 17th. State your interest and share your name, email, job title and company (or state TBD for company if you are in transition).

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