June 2018 – LinkedIn changed the look of your profile (again)

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LinkedIn changed the look of your profile (again)

June 2018

Have You Noticed that LinkedIn Is Changing the Design of the Top of Your Profile?

Once again, LinkedIn surprised us with a new profile layout.  Upon the discovery by my colleague Beth, she sent me an e-mail sharing her shock and disbelief because she had just finalized preparations of screenshots for a LinkedIn presentation the night before.  Unfortunately, the next day, she saw the change. She had my sympathy. I hate it when that happens (and it seems like it happens to many LinkedIn trainers). That is how I initially learned about this new change.

Geoff Desreumaux of WERSM.com was able to get an official confirmation that this is really happening (not just a beta trial).  He also found out that it’s only on the desktop version for now. https://wersm.com/linkedin-has-a-new-profile-layout-again/

Below is an example of how the new look displays (thanks to “the same Beth” for sharing a screenshot of her view of my profile.  She is a fellow LinkedIn Expert from Frederick County).

This change only affects the top part of your profile (the snapshot), mainly rearranging the placement of your summary content. Your profile picture is now going to appear on the left side instead of in the middle of your background image.  Also, they brought your contact information into the snapshot, whereas before it was to the right of this box. Because these are minor changes, this new design should not be too disruptive to your LinkedIn experience.

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