Improving your Profile Picture

March 2017

Improve Your LinkedIn Profile Picture:   You don’t have to hire a professional photographer for a LinkedIn profile picture; however, make sure you ask someone who is capable of taking a good shot. Selfies have no place here. Below are three tips to help ensure a good profile picture.

  1. The picture should show YOU.  This may sound obvious, yet I’ve seen enough examples to the contrary. Your profile picture should only be of you – no family members, no friends, and no animals (unless you are a Veterinarian). Also, don’t use a picture with others and then crop them out.
  2. Focus on your neck up.  This was always true, but even more so now. With the new profile picture showing up as a circle and not a square, you lose the surrounding space, so it’s best to make your face the main focus of the picture. Also, remember that your profile picture appears in many places on LinkedIn, and usually in a miniature view (which makes it hard to see you). The biggest version will be on your profile page but everywhere else, for example, next to your comments, your picture is much smaller.
  3. Your look.   Be sure to smile and look approachable. You want others to be drawn to your profile, and looking friendly is one easy way to do that. Also, make sure your photo is in focus and up-to-date. Using an older picture that no longer looks like you is not recommended. If a new person wouldn’t recognize you in a Starbucks based on your profile picture, you need a new one.

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