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Hello Everyone,As mentioned in the last issue, March is the month for International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month in the US. To honor these occasions, the articles in this issue will share stories about influential women in the US and around the globe. I hope this information inspires you to achieve greatness in your own career. There are also a couple of articles offering an international perspective on self-promotion and hiring time frames.


As a reminder, starting this Friday, March 2, I will be co-hosting a series of three career conversations designed to empower professional women. For more information, open the attached flyer, go to, or look for the Upcoming Events section toward the end of this message.

In the next two months, look out for resources and articles related to salary negotiation and pay equity in recognition of Equal Pay Day in the US (April 10, 2018) and content related to women and careers for Mother’s Day in May.

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Create a LinkedIn Profile in Another Language
Did you know that you can create your LinkedIn profile in more than one language? This could be a great idea if you (or your audience) speak more than one language. After logging into LinkedIn, click View profile, and then select Add profile in another language from the top right-hand corner. Once the pop-up box displays, select the language to add and start entering your name and headline (this is the minimal data required to get started). Later on, you must create all of the verbiage in the other language. LinkedIn will not translate content for you.

A few more useful facts about this feature:

  • These “alternate” profiles are NOT new accounts. They are connected to your current profile and are accessed with the same login and password.
  • LinkedIn offers 40+ language choices, but you must choose only one as the default language.
  • If you want to add new sections, you must first add them to your default profile, then go into the second language profile to translate the content.
  • If a person has created a profile in more than one language and your profile is in one of those languages, LinkedIn should display the profile in the language in common (LinkedIn seems to have removed the ability for you to select a different language when viewing another profile).
  • Below is a screenshot of what you’ll see each time you try to add a new language.
    New LinkedIn feature to let recruiters know you are open to job opportunities

The posts below share a global perspective on women who have made history over the ages from 570 B.C. to more recent times. The two final posts shed an international perspective on the length of time for hiring, and how speaking the same language doesn’t guarantee misunderstandings won’t happen.

Morra Aarons-Mele of Forbes shares the critical insights from her podcast with LegalZoom CMO Laura Goldberg, on building a career that suits you. There are many lessons to be learned from her words of advice.

Jone Johnson Lewis of shares the 100 most important women in world history, by area of impact with links for more detailed information about each woman.

Tejvan Pettinger of compiled a list of women who changed the world, in chronological order with links for more details about each of them.

Caroline Howard of has created a list of the 100 most powerful women in the world for 2017.

On a lighter note, Andy Molinsky of Harvard Business Review shares insights on cultural norms regarding self-promotion in the US and the UK.

Finally, Monica Torres of The Ladders shares statistics on the time it takes to get hired in countries around the world.



In honor of Women’s International Day, Ruth Winden (a career colleague from the UK) will join me in hosting a series of three 45-minute FREE virtual career conversations designed to empower women in their careers. Attend one or all three. The topics build upon each other, but each event is a conversation in itself. Check out the attached flyer for more information. Please share this with anyone you know who might benefit from this content.

Click on the links to register:

Speaking Engagements

On March 20, I will be presenting a lunch time webinar for the National Association of Social Workers (NASW), titled “Earn What You’re Worth Using Salary Negotiation Skills.”

In April, I will be presenting at the Maryland Career Development Association annual conference on empowering women to negotiate salary.

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