Salary Negotiation: Up Your Game (infographic)

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Do you ever feel that you’re not making enough? You’re probably not alone in that feeling; many of us are underpaid, and if you’re a woman you’re probably already suffering from the pay gender gap. But getting that raise? Well, that’s enough to make most of us break out into hives. Who wants to have that conversation? It can be hard enough to discuss money with your spouse or partner, much less management.

However, you can prepare and do research and have a successful conversation with the people who make decisions about getting more money for what you do. For starters, understand the reasons why you might be nervous about asking for a raise. You might be worried that you seem pushy. You might be worried about your job. Or, actually, you might not have ever even thought about your salary. But time to get started: This graphic offers some ideas for getting the salary you deserve.