9 Truths & Myths About Networking in Times Like These

Many people are struggling with networking right now. Specifically, extroverts who thrive on in-person interaction may have a harder time adjusting to online interactions. Introverts may find it easier because they are often adept at holding a one-to-one conversation and listening intently, two key skills that help with virtual networking. Regardless of your personality, you can employ the tips below … Read More

7 Ways to Progress Your Career, Even During Difficult Times

National Career Development Month is coming this November, so here’s my annual PSA to encourage you to give some thought to where you are in your career right now. It’s a good idea to always be managing your livelihood, no matter where you are in life, no matter what is going on in the world. It’s important to give your … Read More

Has COVID Changed Job Search? 10 Reasons I Say Yes and No

During these unusual times, people are still searching for jobs and some companies need more workers. I know folks on both sides of the hiring process, and I can tell you that people are interviewing and starting new jobs as I write this. Since the start of this pandemic, people have been asking me what’s changed about job search during … Read More