Take Charge of Your Career Development; and More Tips for a Longer LI Headline – November 2018

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Hello Everyone,November is National Career Development Month in the US but no matter where you live, November can be a good month to start taking stock of your situation and set career goals for the coming year. Therefore, this month’s content focuses on career development issues.


Also, in the LinkedIn Tip of the Month, I share updated information on the trick that allows you to lengthen the character limit for your headline (from the May issue).

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Updated Tips on Countering Headline Space Limitations

A few months ago, I shared a workaround for the character limit of 120 on your LinkedIn headline. Since then, I have learned from listening to LinkedIn Expert Wayne Breitbarth (as a guest on the Resume Storyteller with Virginia Franco podcast), that you get up to 220 characters for your headline on the LinkedIn mobile app. In case you were wondering, your headline is the content right underneath your name on your LinkedIn profile in the top section called the “snapshot.” The snapshot includes your profile picture, headline, summary and some basic facts (geographic location, contact information and number of connections).

That’s great news if you need a longer headline, but there is one major downside as I recently learned from personal experience. You can force a longer headline using the trick shared in my May issue. However, after doing so, it’s not as easy to change any of the other data within the snapshot area. You see, even though you could create a longer headline on the LinkedIn mobile app (up to 220 characters), when you try to make a future edit to your snapshot data using the website, it won’t let you save your work because you exceed the LinkedIn website’s 120-character headline limit.

This happened to me when I added a new piece of media to my summary section while on my laptop. The website wouldn’t let me save the change, because it said my headline was too long. In case this happens to you, I’ll share my workaround. While it’s not ideal, it does the trick.

To prepare, have all of your new content ready to go before sitting down with two devices (one device logged into the LinkedIn website and one device opened to the LinkedIn mobile app). Also, be sure to have your extended length headline saved somewhere on the device that has the LinkedIn app open. Schedule a 15-minute window to complete the task (schedule 30 minutes if you tend to get sidetracked on social media).

To execute, open the LinkedIn website and make the changes you want to any area in the snapshot. Before saving, to satisfy the website characters space limitation, edit the content in your headline to appear as X (or a version of your headline that is 120 characters or less). Now, quickly go to the device that has the LinkedIn mobile app open and re-insert your extended headline. Save it and you’re done. For a few minutes your headline will be off, but it will only be for a brief time, if you do all of these steps in one sitting. I realize this is not an ideal process, so if you find a better way, please share it with me.


The posts below address ways to assess where you are in your career, help you get unstuck, and include some inspirational stories about successful career changers.

Forbes Contributor, Kathy Caprino helps you understand why you might have trouble diagnosing what you’re great at and what to do about it.

If you are feeling undecided about your career, read this post by my friend and colleague Jim Peacock (www.peak-careers.com). His advice is geared to career professionals, but anyone can benefit from his wise words.

Carter Cast of Harvard Business Review (HBR) offers six ways to take charge of your career growth (even if your company isn’t helping).

Also from the HBR, writer Rebecca Knight shares some excellent information on identifying what could be causing your career angst, suggestions to address the issue and offers two case studies to illustrate her points.

And last but not least, Richard Eisenberg of NextAvenue.com interviews career changer Tama Kieves on how she addressed her career misery and what she did about it (she pivoted from law to a career coach & author). She also shares advice for people in their 50s and 60s considering a career change (with some tips specifically for women) and why you can’t afford to stay in an unhappy career path.


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