Maggie Rogers

Before I worked with Paula for an hour-long LinkedIn session, I found updating my profile about as exciting as flossing my teeth or organizing my taxes. But Paula changed that for me. She explained which parts of my profile carry the most weight in terms of SEO traffic and provided simple pointers about how to get the most value out … Read More

Dvijapatni “Dee” Maurer

I attended a LinkedIn profile workshop with Paula a few weeks ago. Her approach and demeanor were warm and friendly while retaining a sense of professional expertise. Particularly valuable for me was a discussion we had about my very unique first name. This also directly related to searches and how employers may or may not come across me based on … Read More

Karen James Chopra

LinkedIn has become a critical job-searching tool, and Paula Brand has made a name for herself as an expert in how to use this tool effectively.  She offers regular training sessions on LinkedIn to her fellow career professionals, and has become our “go to” person to learn about the latest tricks and techniques.  Her easygoing style and clear, step-by-step instructions … Read More


Paula was integral in my search for a new job. I had close to no online presence and needed to change that. I hired Paula and we worked remotely to ensure that I had the requisite information on my LinkedIn Profile page. Paula also spent time with me explaining the tools of LinkedIn in order to help me be more successful in my search and stand out to recruiters. I have since been contacted organically by recruiters and I continue to recommend Paula to those endeavoring their own job search… Read More

Dawna Reeves

As a seasoned user of LinkedIn since 2006, I felt I had a strong LinkedIn profile, but I found Paula’s advice in our individual session extremely beneficial. Her customized evaluation and suggestions to improve my profile were excellent. Paula provided feedback on both the visual presentation and the written content. Whether you want to fine-tune your profile or need a complete overhaul, I strongly recommend consulting with Paula on how best to utilize LinkedIn to improve your professional presence on LinkedIn.… Read More