Laurie Nederveen

Director of Program Development at Easterseals UCP NC/VA |

Paula helped me through a process that I could not do alone. Although I am a high achiever and a fast learner, I could not figure out what job direction I wanted.  I was trying to do too many things in the wrong order and was just a mess.

We started at ground zero and she built me up to a point where I am now in a role that is a wonderful fit! I am so happy that Paula is very skilled at multiple stages of career development and she knows how to individualize her coaching for the client-she was the key to my successful transition. When I was feeling disappointed, unnerved and frustrated, she reminded me the process would work. She guided me with practical steps and was a great support for small and large decisions.

She is smart, experienced, and to her credit is still always learning so that she can provide the most accurate tools necessary regardless of a person’s career stage or goals. I highly recommend Paula and am very grateful that I invested in myself to get the right help when I was struggling. I know she can help you, too.