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When I first started working with Paula, I was dissatisfied in my role at work.  I could not place my finger on it, but I wanted more.  I wanted to jump to the next level in my career.  My first session with Paula I had told her I wanted to branch out from Human Resources to more of an Organizational Development Role.  I was confident of this. I had completed analysis of my personality, my skills, and felt like this was a direction I could head into.  Paula walked me through a series of questions to help me focus on this goal.  She set up some tasks for me to dig more into this, explore it more, and even taught me how to take charge of my LinkedIn page to get attention on that.  It worked!  Only, the more I explored the more I realized that wasn’t what I was searching for.  Paula had asked me in my first visit if I had considered coaching; I shrugged it off.  I hadn’t thought about it since I was 14 and called all my friends after learning what a coach was and declared that was my future.  That was a lifetime ago, so I said no.  As I kept at it, I found coaching was a skill that when applied to my current role at work, brought me great satisfaction and was rewarding.   I explored my passions and found a way to bring it into my volunteer work and feel joy in my work there as well.  In the end, Paula’s tools, skills, and ability to reach in deep and help you find yourself was rewarding for me and I found myself with a promotion in less than a year.  In addition, after reviewing my resume and how it aligned with my goals, I started aligning my work with those goals, and found that what I was looking for was there.  I just had to focus on it, and when I did my leadership saw that and opened up more opportunities.  Since working with Paula, I have clearer focus, a feeling of accomplishment, knowledge of my options, the tools to get there if I needed; but more importantly, satisfaction in my present company and reaping the rewards of finding who I am and aligning it with my company and personal goals.