What’s Mom Still Got To Do With It?: Breathe New Life Into Your Career By Understanding Your Mother-Daughter Relationship by Ilana Tolpin Levitt

Are you unhappy at work? Do you wonder why you didn’t get that promotion? Feeling uncertain about your career choices in general? Your relationship with your mother might be the last thing on your mind as a major contributing factor to your career woes but it shouldn’t be. Exploring this connection can potentially unlock the mystery to the patterns and choices you make throughout your career. National, award-winning career counselor Ilana Tolpin Levitt brings her 26 years of experience in this groundbreaking book about the connection between women’s careers and their relationships with their moms. Learn how this relationship affects your career choices, leadership style, and why you interact with bosses and coworkers the way you do. Read more and purchase your copy on Amazon.

My Review

If you are a woman and care deeply about your career, read this book!  I loved this book on two levels.  On a professional level, I appreciated the insights that I can apply to my clients and their careers.  It was very interesting to explore the themes that often intertwine women and careers (confidence level, ability to negotiate workplace situations, how we often hold ourselves back, etc.).

On a personal level, it reinforced the positive feelings I have for my mom and sisters.  This book encouraged me to interview my mom, which made me further appreciate her career journey.  After reading this book and examining the careers of my sisters and myself, I have found that our mom was very careful not to impose her career dreams onto us.  She encouraged each of us to do our own thing in a healthy way, which makes me feel very fortunate.

This book can be useful to women who are struggling with career issues without understanding the root causes.  It delves into five types of mother/daughter relationships (Butterfly, Maverick, Bootstrap, Copycat and Ivy) and how they play out in the workplace.  By learning more about our mother/daughter relationship and the effect it can have on our career, we have a chance to address wrongs and correct behaviors where needed. Besides being an interesting read, the book offers practical tips at the end of each chapter.

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