Todd Burrier

Westminster, MD | Author, Speaker and Entrepreneur |

I have been a referral marketing entrepreneur for 25 years. The lifestyle this affords me lends itself to having opportunities to pursue whatever I enjoy doing or find interesting. Among those pursuits is leadership development training for corporations and executive coaching. I accept a dozen engagements per year and it is all word of mouth, so I do no marketing. Recently, I was asked by an organization if I would be part of a consortium they were assembling to serve coaching and training needs for a specific high level organization. It sounded like it might be a fun project so I said yes. In order to be part of the fun, they told me a resume was required. I chuckled and told them that I didn’t possess a resume and hadn’t for a long long time! Having no clue how to create an ample resume, and no interest in learning, I contacted someone I trusted and asked who might show me the way. This is how I met Paula Brand. In a short period of time she took what for me was a daunting task, and helped me accomplish what I needed smoothly and painlessly. I would highly recommend Paula. She is very good at what she does, but even more, she is a pro. She is client focused and delivers. You can trust her.