Claim Your “Vanity URL” For Your LinkedIn Profile

July 2020 For an effective online presence, it’s important to edit your LinkedIn URL and personalize it. I’ve shared this tip many times before, but LinkedIn often changes the exact steps so I’m re-visiting this topic. I recently posted an updated blog post on why you should do this, and I created my first explainer video walking you through the … Read More

LinkedIn Salary Feature And Gathering Market Data

March 2020 There are two ways you can use LinkedIn to prepare for a salary negotiation. Both tips provide potential data points that you can use for benchmarking and market research. 1) The most straightforward way is to access LinkedIn’s salary feature. As a quick refresher, this was rolled out in 2016 and is available in the US, UK, and Canada. It’s … Read More

How To Use LinkedIn For Interview Research

January 2020 In light of the interviewing theme for this issue, I’ll share some easy ways to utilize LinkedIn for interviewing preparation. Once you have an interview lined up, use the website to research the company and the people who might be interviewing you. When you are invited to an interview, it’s always good to ask if they can share … Read More

How To Use LinkedIn Qr Code To Find Others On The Fly

November 2019 When developing your career, you want to grow your network and adding LinkedIn connections is one way to do that. Even better, connecting on LinkedIn in the moment you are meeting someone new can be a great idea for many reasons. It helps confirm spelling (which can be helpful if it’s unusual or hard to understand the pronunciation). … Read More

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