New LinkedIn Feature(s)

November 2020

I’m excited to say that this past summer, I was invited to a webinar run by LinkedIn staff for career professionals. At this event, they shared resources, data, and new features with a focus on helping job seekers. For this month’s Tip of the Month, I will relay what was shared that day.

First off, if you didn’t know, LinkedIn has been on a mission to build an Economic Graph that maps a digital representation of the world’s economy They have a related portal that provides a variety of analyses and reports including their Workforce Confidence Index. There is a wealth of data related to today’s world of work in these two places.

During the webinar, the presenters shared evidence connecting LinkedIn profiles to positive outcomes:

  • Your profile will receive 21 times more views with a picture
  • If you have at least five keywords in your Skills section, you are 27 times more likely to have your profile viewed by others
  • 87% of recruiters agreed that skills listed on a profile are a “critical factor” when sourcing candidates
  • You are 30% more likely to get hired through LinkedIn if you have skills on your profile

Specifically, for job seekers, LinkedIn teamed up with Microsoft to provide a variety of new features. This portal connects you to its three highlighted offerings:

Other enhancements to assist job seekers in landing the right opportunity include:

  • LinkedIn now tags remote jobs so you can narrow your search using this filter (the number of remote jobs listed on their site increased 155% from March to July)
  • To save time and focus your efforts, you can target companies that are actively recruiting and urgently hiring and filter jobs to identify those using LinkedIn’s “easy apply” process
  • You can take professional skill assessments and display your results. So far, they seem limited to technology skills (for example Adobe software and AutoCAD)
  • An “Open to Work” badge is available to publicly display that you are open to opportunities. They said they have been getting a great response from employers about this new feature.  I think I’ll need to see how it plays out as, I’m not sure that plastering your availability is going to work well for job seekers.

Finally, there are two new features that are only available on the mobile app and not specific to job search. One offers the ability to have your name be spoken out loud so others can hear how to pronounce it. Another allows you to post stories using images and videos.

I truly appreciated being invited to this webinar and I hope that it might happen again in the future. It’s my hope that you benefit from these features so please try them out and see which might help you.

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