Think Again, Everyone Is Not As Good At This As You!

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The term “strengths-based approach” is often seen in the context of social work, but it is also very useful in career development. The main thrust of this concept is to focus on one’s strengths rather than to fixate on areas of weakness. Instead of seeking out your professional faults, build upon your reliable superpowers. Discover and leverage your strengths for … Read More

Truth Revealed: Why I Don’t Want To Be President Anymore

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Running an event on imposter syndrome forced me to reflect on my own feelings of inadequacy. On March 8, I hosted a free virtual event honoring International Women’s Day (IWD). I invited six female colleagues to join me in presenting Imposter Syndrome: 3 Simple Steps to Overcome It. We had run an IWD event the year before, so we operated … Read More

The She-cession: How Economic Downturns Disproportionately Affect Women

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Economic difficulty touches millions of lives through job loss, furloughs, and the emotional tolls of uncertainty. While many experience the impact of economic strife, women are often the most adversely affected — particularly women of color. This pattern has become known as the she-cession, and there are a few key reasons for the inequality. In early 2020, part of this … Read More

9 Truths & Myths About Networking in Times Like These

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Many people are struggling with networking right now. Specifically, extroverts who thrive on in-person interaction may have a harder time adjusting to online interactions. Introverts may find it easier because they are often adept at holding a one-to-one conversation and listening intently, two key skills that help with virtual networking. Regardless of your personality, you can employ the tips below … Read More

Job Search in the Time of Coronavirus: Top Ten Tips

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Work-life balance has a whole new meaning under the current coronavirus pandemic. Things are different for everyone but not the same for all.  People working in some fields are busier than usual such as IT folks helping the rest of us get online and work from home, restaurants scrambling to meet the demand for take-out orders, Amazon continuing to deliver … Read More

The Silence around Salary and Why Women Should Break It

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It’s important for women to be willing to talk about salary.  Remaining silent keeps us trapped in current limitations.  If we are not comfortable discussing salary, we will avoid initiating negotiations with employers and we won’t share useful data points with those we know, like and trust. This infographic by Turbo (below) shares some of the reasons women don’t talk … Read More

4 Steps to a Great Answer for “What is your weakness?”

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As a global career coach, the most frequent question I receive on interviewing strategy is my advice on how to answer, “What is a weakness for you?”.  Over the years, I’ve outlined a strategy I call “The Weakness Formula” and this four-step process can help you get through your next interview.  As you’ll see below, all of these steps take … Read More

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