How to Control Setting Telling Recruiters you’re Open to Opportunities

December 2016

If you haven’t heard, there is a new feature on LinkedIn that allows account users to indicate they are interested in opportunities from recruiters. If you click on the Jobs tab (main menu) and then click on the Preferences tab, you’ll see the image below. You can adjust the settings there to invite more job opportunities to come your way through LinkedIn.

As you might expect, there is mixed feedback about it. Time will tell. Moving forward, I’ll keep you posted on any major updates. In the meantime, these two posts give you both sides of the coin.

This post, written by Dan Shapero from the official LinkedIn blog, gives the rosier side along with a 58 second video showing you how it works.

On the other side, Irina Shamaeva of shares great insights about the new feature from a Recruiter’s perspective, with some mention of the cons to this new feature.

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