How to Create a Company Page on LI

October 2017

LinkedIn just made it much easier to set up a company page for your business. Previously LinkedIn required an email tied to a company domain name, which stopped many people from trying to do it.

Now they have revamped things and made it very easy to set up a company page. If you go to this page in the Help Center, it gives you step-by-step instructions.

I tried it just the other day and it was quite simple to create. Keeping it up to date is another story, but for now, just try it out. You can start by adding your logo, company type and size, who you help, how you help them, and any upcoming events. The layout and design are now very alike your personal profile page and there are similar features, such as the ability to customize your URL (this I haven’t figure out yet for the company page – if you do, please let me know).

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