How To Personalize The Linkedin Invitation (on web and mobile)
May 2019

It’s so important to personalize your LinkedIn invitation. Do you do this? If not, you should. Here is a link from the LinkedIn Help Center explaining how to personalize an invitation on the website or using iOS or Android.

If you don’t customize, it is obvious that you sent a generic style invitation which makes it more likely to be ignored (I personally never outright accept an invitation with the generic words, if I don’t know the person). Instead, take a few moments to write a brief sentence or two explaining why you would like to connect (you have 300 characters to work with).

You could mention how you heard about her/him or state that you were inspired by her/his words. Here’s an example of a simple invitation “I was exploring LinkedIn and came across your profile. I see we have some common interests and professional associations. Would you like to connect on Linked?” It could be as simple as that.

You are able to add a note to personalize your invitation from the website or on the mobile App. The key in both cases is to execute this form the person’s profile page. Clicking the connect button anywhere else on the platform results in the system immediately sending the generic invitation.

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